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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 13, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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oktoberfest, everybody is willing to lend a hand. i enjoy when other people have the same feeling. i grew up with them. i remember had they were new. >> they continue to hang out with other bmw e-30 community members. a lot of them out there like to talk about the car. they finally arrive. >> and here we are. north carolina. >> yeah, yeah. not bad. they make a deal. chauncey is pretty proud with walt for scoring such a nice car. >> winds up with a nice new car, a bunch of new friends and welcome into the bmw e-30 community. >> the whole family is here. >> clearly they're a very talented family. >> the story behind one sweet serenade coming up. >> plus, an innovative skater dude has next level decks.
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second nature, you see something odd, awkward, funny, you pull out your phone, take a video. a lot of times the joke is on you. that's what is happening here. katie and sophie realize they had a little company. katie, the dog is with her, he's like, got to get it, got to get it. >> got to go. got to go. got to go. >> she got shher video. >> we have the video of the video. funnier than the video they were trying to get. >> now let's see what kate saw. she turns theamera- ever alawsig fangs.--
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>> i'm glad we got the video. >> now over to the kruger national park in south africa, they set out on safari. this elephant bull is enjoying a little snack. >> that's huge. >> oh! >> so cool. >> it is really cool. until it notices you noticing it because it stops and it is, like -- >> just goes charging. the person who shot the video said because the roads were slick, they couldn't quite get away. >> the elephant is like -- >> that's what she set out for. >> thhere is a group of people hanging out. what they're about to do is -- >> they're going to recognize the song instantly. ♪ >> that's "can you feel the love
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tonight," the lion king song written by elton john. you're looking at the dad of the bride, the grandfather and aunts and uncles that showed up to the wedding. the bride is a huge disney fan. and her dad decided he wanted to surprise her by putting all of this together. and clearly they're a very talented family. ♪ can you feel the love tonight tonight ♪ >> a thoughtful gift. a lot of people had to put time in there and they did it because they love her. [ applause ] >> now that woman is anna bogden, a tennis player. this is from her practice session the day before she played her match they decided to serenade her while she practiced, with a
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full-on mariachi. qit though.> >> they're all cracking up. but regardless of what you think, if you're serenaded, it is a huge compliment. she made an impression. >> nothing stops matt from skating, not snow, not even broken boards. >> dude. >> matt is an innovator in the skateboarding world. right here you see he's put ice skates on -- >> literally skateboarding. >> yes. >> that's incredible. shouldn't work, but it does. >> so much of what you're seeing here shouldn't work. but matt makes it work. he has quite the affinity for using broken skateboards and essentially upcycling them. he's calling this breakaway
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board. some tricks are pretty remarkable on a regular skateboard, like you see. the other one has taken broken skateboards and put hinges on them and different mechanics to elevate the types of tricks that he can do. it is very, very rare when we see something we haven't seen before. and in this case, i'm blown away. this is so inventive. >> sometimes a thousand of tries to get these tricks down. >> oh! >> you got three megafans now. >> scarlett johansson snkhen ne. see if she can take the heat next. >> captain america will die. >> and time to chill. >> stand on the ice and float away. >> they make an icy splash. >> dang. h trelegy.
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see the hottest wings there are while being interviewed. scarlett johansson. >> you're spoiling this for me. >> scarlett plays black widow. they're looking to distract her to get some juicy gossip. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm good. it is like christmas in my mouth, it is a little like -- it is like explosive cheer. >> at this point, she's all right. >> she's not even breaking a sweat yet. >> yet. >> tasty. uh-oh. [ bleep ] that's hot. >> wing number eight. >> not even that far yet. >> no. no. no. >> we get to the 135. >> i'm out. >> she starts having to walk it off. >> i have to walk it off.
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>> take a lap, scarlett. >> she has to -- she just gets straight up honest and real. >> what do i have to look forward to here? the question you just asked me -- >> at this point, all decorum goes out the door. you're hot. you probably forgot your talking points. >> into the final round. now that they have basically dosed her up with liquid fire, they try sourcing some spoilers. >> captain america will die. >> she can barely sit still. trying to read her reaction. at this point, all i can tell is she's in a lot of pain. >> honestly, i do not know what those last three things you said were because my mouth is on >> it can be hard constantly answering questions about the movie. in this case, they may have broken her. >> i feel pretty broken down. and i'm not going to lie, this
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may be the straw that broke the camel's back. >> april 26th, avengers endgame. the spring thaw prompted these russians to put on their swim trunks. they're ready for spring. they're ready to swim. even though the river hasn't fully de-iced itself. this one guy calls his friend. he's calling him. this guy kind of is legit if he's willing to get there in his little trunks, stand on a block of ice and just float away. >> he's crazy. watch this. he's not just standing there. after a while, he's, like, hey, why don't i dive in? >> dang! >> here we are in brazil, and that's rodrigo. he's proposing. he's reading a letter.
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behind him and their photographer, she's only 17 years old, but she's been doing this a couple of years. she starts snapping pictures as he's about to pop the question and reading about love. >> should have brought a wider lens. >> she jumped in and immediately helped her up. he finished reading his letter and she said yes. >> tourists pose for some quick picks. suddenly no one quite knows what's going on. >> the snapshot switchup what's going on. >> the snapshot switchup throwing everyone off it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. ju $99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. a van that changed us and chips forever
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someone takes a picture of him in front of his movie poster. then -- >> how's my hair? does it look good? >> she lines up, takes the picture and he moves back to check the picture -- >> how is my hair. >> not only standing next to her, but in the picture she just took and her noodle is baked. >> thank you for that. >> there is an app for that. you can get it. it is called trick pics. it is an app that enables you to open it up and select the picture you want it to show when someone takes a picture. >> my brain is baked. >> would you can y smy hair loo good? >> make sure they get his hair. takes his arms, put it inside this line right here. >> hold on, let me see -- can i
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see how that looks? >> what? >> they do it so -- >> they pulled it off a number of times. i do like the side eye that is present in this particular case. >> thank you so much. that looks good. my hair looks good, yeah? >> wait a second. >> yes, check out this video. maybe learn a thing or two. go out and check out the app. it may just be the app that brings the magic to your life. >> did a great job. >> nicely done. >> that will do it for this episode. has lots more fun and entertaining videos. check it out. connect with us. join us next time on another brand-new episode of "rtm." the following is a paid commercial program for
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